The Dragon's Throat

The Chains of Darkness
"Let the Blood Congeal..."

The heroes made their way to the rooftop and attempted to board the last remaining helicopter. The Dhohanoids showed up, followed shortly by the Gibbering Horror. Verta, Lilix and Legassa dealt with the Dhohanoids while Limpy took the Helicopter’s main rotor blades to the Gibbering Horror’s faces. Limpy made a spectacular dive out of the Helicopter, and Legassa used what was left of the smoldering mess to smash the Horror while Limpy shot at the fuel tank, causing an explosive mess to pour out over the rooftop, covering the heroes, and the surrounding street, in Gibbering Horror gore.
The heroes made it back to Lyndon’s mansion, and the unsavory fellows therein were already in heated confrontation – specifically, Mercy Parks and Sarina De Larossa. The heroes were able to sneak up to Lyndon’s personal quarters, where he, Molly, and Bradley were waiting for the group. But Bradley’s mannerisms were strange, and when he spoke, he had a thick southern accent. Indeed, it was determined that he was being “utilized” by Myrovh from aeons ago – the Forgotten One projecting his consciousness into the future to aid the heroes before, as it was also later discovered, he and his brethren were defeated by the Old Ones.
Lyndon revealed his own miniature Xan-Tuum Violator in a secret ritual space in his library, upon which he had begun the process of sacrificing his household servants for whatever ritual the groups was needing to perform. Legassa, Lilix, Verta, and Limpy had a moment of heavy discussion before they downloaded the Chains of Darkness into the terminal that connected to the Violator. Lyndon yelled, telling them time was running out. Bradley/Myrovh watched on, amused. And Molly, Lyndon’s Cyber Doll, smiled sweetly and stared into the secret room as the servants were violated to produce the Ruach necessary for the ritual.
Legassa finally relented and the ritual began. Myrovh led Molly into the ritual space and stepped back, chanting in a strange language, which Limpy’s Kyratyk Crystal translated;

“Chains of darkness, pierce the prison’s light. Free HER, and bind her to this vessel. Damn the beginning. Damn the end. Damn all that is between. This blasphemous prayer I pray. So let the blood congeal. So let all things dead be eternal.”

The circle drawn beneath Molly began to bubble with steaming blood. The Doll sank into the blood as screaming, humanoid figures pulled themselves up her, as if trying to escape from the boiling blood. Myrovh screamed and the air above the circle tore open, and blinding light shone out of it. Black chains rose out of the blood and snaked up into the tear. They drew taught and a low moan, which rose into a painful cry, came from the tear as a radiant figure was pulled out – the chains drawn taught. The being clawed at the air, trying in vain to pull itself back into the tear. It was yanked, violently, into the blood. The tear closed and the bloody bodies were pulled back into the bloody circle along with everything else. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Then, a screaming woman dove out of the blood, steaming, and slipped and slid on the floor. She was frantic and tried to climb a bookshelf, only succeeding in knocking a few volumes down. She breathed heavy, clearly frightened. She spoke a strange language, asking where she was and what had they done to her?

The radiant being had been imprisoned in Molly – the necessary empty vessel for the ritual. Myrovh released control of Bradley. The poor man was unable to handle the residual affects of being utilized as such by a Forgotten One, and he fell on the floor in a violent seizure. Lyndon did all he could to try and help the man, but it seemed that Bradley was beyond help. A loud explosion rocked the mansion. Lyndon guessed that it was the Occultists fighting out their differences in the most heinous and dishonorable ways they could imagine. He reach for a sword from a nearby suit of strange armor and rushed out the doors of his library, vowing to “kill every last one of the damned fools”. Legassa, Lilix and Limpy followed to protect the man, while Verta remained behind to keep an eye on Molly, who was still covered in blood, and terrified.

Mercy Parks and Sarina might as well have cracked the gates of hell in Lyndon’s Grand Hall. The two women were pulling out every trick they knew to overpower one another. Needless to say, the Grand Hall was a horrendous mess. There were all kinds of horrors flying around and impaling random people on random pointy pieces of architecture. And Mercy had become something…less than human in her prideful need to overpower Sarina – something comparable to a Deadite in Evil Dead. In fact, when Legassa and Lillix tried to intervene, the fight was straight out of Army of Darkness, with Mery projecting black bile at everyone before Lillix managed to rip her head off. Legassa kept the skull as a trophy, and thus the battle was ended.

Lyndon summoned everyone to his quarters, once again, where he informed them that Molly was a being of pure light who would have to be sacrificed in a fight against Feiticeira. The two would destroy one another and the threat posed by the Desolate One, Feiriceira, and the Children of Chaos would be nullified. They were expected in Norfolk Virginia the next day, and would have to leave immediately, as the rest of the Eldritch Society were making a unified effort to pin down and Children of Chaos over the next twenty-four hours to give the heroes a chance to get across the country and out over the Atlantic. He made them aware that many of their brothers and sisters would be losing their lives to give them the opportunity to save the world.

In Norfolk, they were debriefed by General Francis Streyer of the NEG Atlantic Defense Force. He had outfitted their drop-ship with thermal tiles and various other fancy-shmancy stuff that only Limpy had any clue of what it was. A Blood Brother among the NEG’s ranks had installed a bomb on the ship, but the heroes discovered it and dealt with him, and the bomb, swiftly.

The group was sent on an intercept course to reach Feiticeira – hopefully before the Children of Chaos. The top-secret Arcane Accelerator sent the group out over the Atlantic, allowing them to cross in a little over fifteen minutes. It required a Mass Generator to keep them from flying out of orbit, and Drag Flaps which would slow them down when they neared their destination. The STARS WERE RIGHT, for the Mass Generator and Drag Flaps broke away from the ship as they were designed, and the ship reached its destination safely…until…

A massive storm surrounded the ship, out of nowhere. Among the lightening and black clouds, there were hideous forms, scraping at the ship’s exterior screaming loud enough to shake the ship. The ship lost power a few times, but Limpy acted fast and scanned the nearest landmass, getting a topographical map. When the ship finally lost power, it crashed into the waters below. Thankfully, the ship was undamaged from the Generator and Flaps releasing, and the group was able to carry all their gear out onto the roof of the half-submerged ship, and didn’t lose any weapons, armor, or rations.

A shriveled old Chinese man was sitting in a rickety old boat, watching them while he smoked a cigarette. The sky above was bright and clear. A perfect, sunny day. He allowed them to climb into his boat, and he took them to shore, where he immediately hopped out and went to tinkering around in his small hovel on the beach.

The group decided it was the best idea to keep to the shoreline and circle the island. They headed east, then northeast as they hugged the shore. They watched, well hidden, as a group, calling themselves the Drowner Faithful, rushed to the west to repel some foe that had encroached on their territory. The heroes passed several slightly populated Faithful villages along the sea cliffs. They reach one, completely abandoned, that had been built around eighteen standing stones, the largest of which had a rune carved into it which represented AIR. The group realized that they were deep in potential enemy territory, and that they had best make their way back to the south, or else risk a confrontation by one of the returning war bands.

An Unwelcome Reunion
"along the shore, the cloud waves break..."

…the doomed heroes were summoned, a year after their battle against La Curandera, to the mansion of Lyndon Dryfed – an enigmatic outside consultant for the Eldritch Society. The party arrives at his mansion, some time in the late evening, and our lead to their individual, luxurious sleeping quarters. Lyndon’s estate is being utilized for a charity auction to benefit the Seattle Arcology, and the items for sale are among some of the most sought-after artifacts of occult power. The heroes find that, among the guests, there could be found a veritable cornucopia of the Occult’s world’s most loathsome individuals. Members of the Circle, the Congregation of the Earth Mother, the Church of All – just to name a few. After the auction, during which the heroes won a few items – drawing the attention (and disdain) of a few of the vile attendees – the heroes were summoned by Lyndon Dryfed’s prized Limited A.I. Cybernetic Doll (named Molly) to join him in his personal quarters. There, he explained to him that he owed the Eldritch Society a significant favor, and that he was asked to supply passports into the Seattle Arcology for the heroes, where they would have to infiltrate a Chrysalis Corporation research laboratory (newly established in the repairing Arcology)to retrieve a specific ritual from their archives – a ritual called the Chains of Darkness, or the Angel’s Bane. The group, of course, pressed him for more information as to why they were being sent on a suicide mission into a Chrysalis stronghold. Lyndon explained that the amount of arcane energy that would be spent within his home (no doubt due to the various occult groups sabotaging and stealing from one another throughout the night) would mask the energy of the ritual they would perform. It just so happened that the infamous Feiticeira, whom the group had had dealings with in the La Curandera conflict, had escaped from a maximum security prison for the Arcane and Inhuman. In fact, there was only a massive hole left where the prison had once been. Feiticeira, being a Desolate One, had apparently been called by the Ruined King, and was making haste across the globe in the direction of the Leng Plateau. Unfortunately, certain Society informants had received intel showing that the Children of Chaos were moving, en masse, to intercept Feiticeira on her way to the Leng Plateau. The ritual would help the Eldritch Society, and the heroes more specifically, to thwart whatever plans the Children of Chaos may have for Feiticeira. So, the heroes made their way into Seattle Arcology, disguised as Japanese school children. They arrived in time to join a Japanese tour group on its way into the Chrysalis Corporation facility. But a sappy video and song, praising the Chrysalis Corporation, caused the Tagers Lilix and Verta to act out in anger, screaming out obscenities and attacking the tour guide and display screen that showed the video. A security team moved to apprehend the group and escort them from the facility. But Lilix dropped a Gossamer bomb, and the group took advantage of the blast by fleeing to a nearby elevator…which was in security shutdown mode. So, they climbed the cables to the R&D department, where they were met by a lab technician and a squad of heavily armed security forces. The lab tech stated that they were late, and he didn’t appreciate their gratuitous display of power – he was aware they were in control, and superior in rank to him – because he was clearly confusing the Tagers for Chaos’ Dhoanoids. He escorted them to the newly completed Xan-Tuum Violator, where the machine’s batteries were fully charged from the Violator finishing up its sacrifice of nine victims. However, the Lab was alerted to the security scanner detecting four symbiotics arriving on the premises. The technician panicked, fearing the facility was under attack by “Tagers”. Verta ordered the facility to be evacuated, and that he and his team would deal with the “Tagers” while everyone else fled to escape vehicles on the rooftop. Meanwhile, Legassa was working furiously to hack the Lab’s mainframe computer and download the ritual they had come for. When the ritual, stored in the system as The Chains of Darkness, had been downloaded, Verta and Lilix told Legassa to initiate a ritual summoning, using the Xan-Tuum Violator, to bring a Gibbering Horror into the massive, sealed Ritual Chamber in which the Violator was built. Before they hauled ass to the stairwell and up to the roof, they used an override command to open the reinforced doors of the Ritual Chamber, hoping the Horror would prove as a sizable distraction for the Dhohanoids as the heroes made their escape.


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